Dude idek

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#SatanAndMe #SaM

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I drew some dancers this weekend!

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the one true dethfam

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Allow me to introduce you to the Red-eyed Crocodile Skink. 
Since these guys were recently discovered (mid to late nineties), there isn’t a whole lot that is known about them, but I’ll share a few facts with you here. 

  • These guys can grow up to ten inches in length, though the average is more like seven.
  • They’re pretty shy and choose to play dead as their defense mechanism. 
  • Other than geckos, these guys are one of the only lizards that vocalize. Their sound is described as a barking noise when they’re in distress
  • Average lifespan is listed at around 6 years 



resistance was futile

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good quotes from atla:

  • flameo hotman
  • no fire lord ozai, YOURE not wearing pants!
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I’m so ugly when I cry jfc

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His name is Mercutio

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I drew this for Molly a while ago, but I decided I wanted to practice watercolour, so I recoloured it! I’m actually very proud.

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Is there a common factor between your favorite characters that makes them appeal to you? If so, what is the common factor and why does it appeal to you?

I took a moment to think up most of my favourite characters and the most common traits I can think of are ‘happy dorky idiot’ so

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Cloud girl idk
I haven’t drawn in a while and my art is immensely different 

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Literally everyone

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Tumblr origin story?

….Superboy porn. I got an account because of all the Superboy porn. 

I wish I was joking. 

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